Women Returning to Work…

There have been a lot of articles written recently about the need to bring back and facilitate the return of women to the world of work. The need for women to work to help support themselves and/or their families (whatever the circumstance) is now more prevalent than ever due to pressures of quality of life and in some instances to live.

Because of the fast pace of change in recent years, most women returning to work are fearful because of their low self-confidence and somewhat rusty ‘workforce’ skills.  There is also the barrier of childcare cost as their are numerous purpose-built childcare facilities in towns, cities and business parks around the country.

It is generally thought that women do it better when it comes to ‘getting things done’ and ‘getting things done properly’ compared to men, whether it be at home or at work.  The skills and abilities required to run a family home and rear children, are prime transferable competencies in a workplace environment, which can be promoted and developed if women believe that they can.

So how can women (no matter what age bracket they are in and what qualifications they have) prepare to return to work with confidence, enthusiasm and belief?

Consider the following;

  • Choose a suitable training course that will support your preferred choice of work i.e. a course to improve your computing skills for example 
  • Put the new you on paper through a professionally written CV/Resume and personally written cover letters, target letters
  • When you start getting called for interviews, brush up on your interview skills and techniques 
  • Check out the latest fashion trends so as to be distinctive and professional as possible, but not to distract 
  • Consider reading one or two self-help books to build competence and desire further 
  • Think outside the box i.e. your comfort-zone and don’t be afraid to think big, remembering that it may take time to get there – set goals and objectives for the new you with a timeframe.  Put in on paper (when it is written down it is half done!) 
  • Learn to negotiate and do ask for higher starting pay (know the market rate for your level of skills) though be realistic and flexible.
  • Stay healthy, eat well and take care of yourself as ‘A woman’s work is never done’ (know this though that women are happier and healthier than their male counterparts with lower stress and pressure levels) 
  • Look at other successful women, find out how they got there and follow their footsteps if you admire them…who is your role model

Virtually every job/career is now open to women, so the world of opportunity and choice are at your feet.  We accept that you may have personal challenges such as coping with the idea of being a career-orientated mother and the problem of finding good suitable childcare facilities for example.  But if you desire it i.e. to work part-time or full-time in a career that you love badly enough and see yourself as already doing it, it will be so…! 

Women are reaching more responsible, higher and senior positions faster, younger and taking more time off than men while working in the organisation or from home – men look out!

All women, be the true winners at work…!

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