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Career Change

Designing Your Destiny & Identification of Your Ideal / Realistic Career

Design Your Destiny & Identification of Your Ideal, Realistic Job / Career is a programme that helps you create the life / job / career you want. It helps you carve out a path so that you can achieve your goals and be the best you can be.

To change your desired results, you we must change your attitude and behaviour and this programme provides the tools you need to do that – a life changing experience that guarantees success and the realisation of your life / job / career aspirations.

We aim as part of this programme to help you analyse what talents, skills, competencies, interests and achievements you have, that will help you identify your ideal / realistic career. This self-assessment and self-analysis will help you focus on your passions, desires and strength’s in the world of work and employment, helping you make them a reality. Various On-Line Career-based Psychometric Assessments and Paper-based Career-based Psychometric Exercises can be used in this exciting journey of self-discovery, change and development internally / externally, tangibly / intangibly.

Our objective and outcome is to help you choose the right course for this new career and help you choose courses as part of a long-term job / career change / development plan. The importance that the course will give you more than just one option when it is completed i.e., open-up many doors, cannot be over-stated. Course title, content, cost, duration, location, part-time, full-time, distance learning or classroom, are all analyzed with and for you and then a realistic, suitable course chosen that best suits your needs and requirements that ultimately will help you realise your ideal career.

Price Range

  • Prices range from € 495.00 – € 1495.00
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