Create and write a professional CV that captures employers’ attention

CV Writing

Your CV is a prospective employers’ first impression of you, whether it be on paper or on a screen, the latter nowadays being the most used and preferred. It is all about grabbing their attention in the first half page of the document, where your CV is tailored i.e., it is all about them, not about you. It needs to be engaging, effective and attention-grabbing, and present you in the best light, making sure that it is immediately noticeable by employers and indeed recruitment agencies too. Covering a CV with a Cover Letter is a good thing to do as well and is sometimes requested by advertising employers and recruitment agencies. Overall, they are sales documents, you are selling and they are buying.

Our aim, objective and outcome is to help you with:

  • Tailoring a Cover Letter to live, open, advertised jobs
  • Tailoring a CV to live, open, advertised jobs
  • Develop a Generic CV for recruitment agencies
  • Develop a Target Letter to find the unadvertised jobs
  • Develop tailored E-mails that introduce you and your attached CV

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