Interview Preparation

Having tailored, perfected Interview Skills i.e., communication skills is a key competency that organisations expect to see and hear as part of their selection, recruitment and promotion criteria. Interviews are / can be daunting for many people. The idea of having to sell yourself in front of 2, 3, 4 or 5 people is stressful and challenging and more so, if the job you want so much is in the palm of their hands. Interview questions are primarily based on three things:

  • The contents of your CV
  • The contents of the Job Description
  • The organisation that you are speaking to

As an Executive you need to:

  • Reposition yourself from a candidate to a business partner
  • Create personal rapport, presence and likeability factors
  • Take risks
  • Demonstrate your ability to solve their problems and make decisions for them
  • Finish with impact, power and authority

Our aim, objective and outcome is to help you:

  • Prepare before the interview, mentally and physically
  • Control your concerns and anxiety
  • Decide what to bring in to the Interview and how to use it
  • Project a more confident image
  • Speak with clarity, authority and enthusiasm and connect with the Interview Board
  • Act-as-if you are already in the job
  • Identify and address what the expectations of the Interviewers / employer
  • Develop an opening statement
  • Develop answers to common opening ‘first questions’
  • Focus on what you need to know in your CV relevant to the Job Description
  • Focus on what parts of the Job Description that they could ask you questions on
  • Know what you need to know about the organisation that you are meeting
  • Deal with Competency-based questions, such as:
    • Developing great, well-crafted examples i.e., stories demonstrating that you have the skills to do the job
    • Developing answers to competency-based questions around strategy, innovation / creativity, motivating people, stakeholder management, relationship building, networking, teamwork, planning / organising, managing conflict, dealing with failure / making mistakes, problem-solving, making decisions, leading people, managing people, handling pressure, negotiating / influencing / persuading people, providing a quality service, analysing data, communication, presenting, to name but a few
    • Pitching them at the right level i.e., the level of role that you are applying for
  • Develop three questions to ask them that are all about them, not about you
  • Develop a closing statement i.e., a Memory Hook
  • Take action immediately after the Interview
  • Basically, together as a team, we go really deep into pre-empting what questions they could ask you from your CV, the Job Description and the organisation and how to answer those questions

Benefits from your investment:

  • Be looking forward to the Interview
  • Leave everything in the Interview Room
  • Leave the Interview Room having put in a performance that you are happy with
  • Use the experience / learnings for future Interviews
  • Avail of a FREE Post-Interview Review and Feedback


  • Duration ranges from 3 hours – 6 hours (can be tailored around your preferred design and duration)


  • Prices ranges from €495.00 – € 995.00

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