Interview Preparation

Getting your interview skills on point, especially when it comes to communicating effectively, is so important for organisations when they’re hiring people. Interviews can be pretty nerve-wracking for most. The idea of having to sell yourself in front of a small crowd of people is stressful, especially when hoping to land that dream job. Usually, interview questions boil down to three main things:

  • The contents of your CV
  • The contents of the Job Description
  • The organisation that you are speaking to

As an Executive you need to:

  • Reposition yourself from a candidate to a business partner
  • Create personal rapport, presence and likeability factors
  • Take risks
  • Demonstrate your ability to solve their problems and make decisions for them
  • Finish with impact, power and authority

Our aim, objective and outcome is to help you:

  • Prepare thoroughly before the interview
  • Control concerns and anxiety
  • Excel during the interview

Benefits from your investment:

  • Be looking forward to the Interview
  • Leave everything in the Interview Room
  • Leave the Interview Room having put in a performance that you are happy with
  • Use the experience / learnings for future Interviews
  • Avail of a FREE Post-Interview Review and Feedback


  • Duration ranges from 3 hours – 6 hours (can be tailored around your preferred design and duration)


  • Prices ranges from €495.00 – € 995.00

Please Contact us for a tailored Proposal

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