Leave the Interview Room having left everything in there and having put in a performance

Competency Based Interviews

Public Sector job opportunities are selecting, recruiting and promoting candidates at interviews primarily based on the key skills i.e., competencies identified to be critical to carry out the job successfully. Selection for Interview is based on you meeting the essential requirements of the role with respect to your education, qualifications and work experience. If there are many candidates that meet this criteria, then they look at your competency-based examples as a screening process, so as to invite the best candidates for an interview. Sometimes, they use your competency-based examples as part of the screening process too. Their questioning (can you demonstrate?) is based on the competency based application form competency title, its key criteria and of course the content of your examples. During and after the competency based interview, they score each candidate out of 50 or 100 for example and the candidate with the highest score is offered the role and is placed No. 1 on the panel and the candidate with the second highest score is place No. 2 and so on. They have seven (7) approaches to their questions and could ask you to:

  1. Demonstrate your understanding of the competency
  2. Share your example in your competency based application form
  3. Share a different example to the one written in your competency based application form
  4. Probe you on the contents of your example in the competency based application form
  5. Address scenario-based questions requiring an example
  6. Get technical i.e., questions based on the technical side of the job (product, services, equipment, processes, people)
  7. Get compliant i.e., questions based on the compliancy side of the job (policies, procedures, SOP’s, Standards, administration)

Our aim, objective and outcome is to help you:

  • Prepare before the interview, mentally and physically
  • Control your concerns and anxiety
  • Decide what to bring into the Competency-based Interview and how to use it
  • Project a more confident image
  • Speak with clarity, authority and enthusiasm and connect with the Interview Board
  • Act as if you are already in the job
  • Identify and address the expectations of the interviewer
  • Develop an opening statement
  • Develop answers to common opening ‘first questions’
  • Focus on what you need to know in your Competency-based Application Form
  • Focus on what parts of the Job Description they could ask you questions on
  • What to you need to know about the competencies and your examples
  • Develop 2nd & 3rd Back-up examples
  • Develop three questions to ask them that are all about them, not about you
  • Develop a closing statement i.e., a Memory Hook
  • Take action immediately after the Competency-based Interview
  • Basically, together as a team, we go really deep into pre-empting what questions they could ask you from your CV, the Job Description and the organisation and how to answer those questions

Benefits from your investment:

  • Be looking forward to the Competency-based Interview
  • Leave everything in the Interview Room
  • Leave the Interview Room having put in a performance that you are happy with
  • Use the experience learnings for future Competency-based Interviews
  • Avail of a FREE Post-Competency-based Interview Review and Feedback

Contact me for a specific, tailored package to help you prepare for your Competency-based Interview, to suit your time and budget…

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