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Competency-based Application Forms

Understanding Competency-Based Application Forms:

Competency-Based Application Forms are unique job application documents that require candidates to provide specific examples demonstrating their skills, strengths and abilities in various competencies relevant to the job being applied for. These competencies can include problem-solving, leadership, technical expertise, teamworking, decision-making, planning, organizing, providing quality services and more.

Why they are challenging:

These forms are intricate and demanding. Candidates must provide detailed, real-life instances showcasing their competence in each skill area. Crafting compelling examples that precisely align with the given competencies, while adhering to word / space limits and formatting requirements, can be daunting. Moreover, many candidates struggle to translate their experiences effectively into the language and format required and demanded by these forms, so as to secure a Competency-based Interview.

Talent Fusion's tailored service:

At Talent Fusion, we step in to simplify this complex process. We provide a hands-on, individualised approach to assist candidates in navigating Competency-Based Application Forms with ease.

How we can help you:

Personalised Guidance;

  • We offer one-on-one sessions, both In-Person and/or Online, tailored to your needs and schedule

Expert Assistance;

  • Our process involves dissecting the job description, analyzing your experiences, and aligning them with the competencies / examples sought by the employer.

Structured Approach;

Using the STAR, STARLIS & ABC techniques, we help you craft compelling examples that precisely meet the criteria of each competency.

Three Options:

We have Three Options for you to choose from:

  • Option 1: Collaborate with Ger to structure and complete all competencies working together as a team
  • Option 2: Receive guidance from Ger to craft your examples, then receive detailed feedback from Ger for further enhancement
  • Option 3: Independently prepare your own examples, then receive detailed feedback from Ger for further enhancement

Comprehensive support:

We ensure no time constraints, offering unlimited review and feedback sessions, until we are both happy.

Our aim is to help you complete and submit a standout Competency-based Application Form, confident of securing a Competency-based Interview.

Get In Touch:

Navigating these forms doesn't have to be a confusing, solitary struggle.

Talent Fusion & Ger are here to simplify the process, ensuring your Competency-based Application Form reflects your true potential and stands out among the competition.

Let’s hop onto a call to see if we are a good fit for each other.

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Some of our Clients include:

We have worked with employees from many Irish Public Sector Organizations / Government Bodies / Semi-State Agencies in Ireland and across the world, who only accept open job applications through their tailored, carefully designed Competency-based Application Forms, including:

See what our clients are saying about Ger:

"Hi Ger, just a short message to let you know that I was successful at Interview. Started working with Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) last week, so steep learning curve so far. Thank you for your assistance last year, it really did stand to me"

Rosie, HIQA (Grade VIII-Incident Management - November 2023)

"I was successful at Interview and placed No. 1 on the Panel. Thank you for all your support and help. Gentle reminder to advise of outstanding monies owed, warm regards."

Avril, HSE (Area Director of Nursing - November 2023)

"I got the Financial Accountant job, that I wanted to get. Thank you for all your help with the interview preparation, very much appreciated."

John, Galway (Financial Accountant - September 2023)


"Just got a call yesterday that I got the position. Very happy. Thanks a million for everything. Cheers Ger."

Barry, Galway (Senior Social Worker – March 2023)

"I got an email today from PAS, only saw it now. I passed the interview on Wednesday last and came third. Application Form was key. I therefore retain my original place of 744 from the application and questionnaire results following Stage 1 on the Panel. I could not have achieved this result without your help and encouragement. Many thanks for everything Ger. Best wishes."

 Teresa, Dublin (Clerical Officer, The Civil Service – February 2023)

"Apologies for not replying to your email. I meant to several times and then got side-tracked. So please forgive me. I didn't get the job with LinkedIn, however I did land a role with Salesforce, but haven't given up on the LinkedIn Dream yet. Hope you're well."

Conor, Dublin (Sales – January 2023)

"Thank you for all your help with my interview preparation. As you know, I came No. 2 on the Panel; I could not have done it without you, I’m delighted. I have sent a bank transfer for payment today. I will be in contact again if I ever need any help in the future from you and will pass on your details to colleagues if they need any help with career advice. Kind regards"

Andrea, Galway (Cardio Physiologist, Galway – June 2022)

"Got the call there; I got the job! Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help."

Darragh, Ennis (Network Technician – ESB – May 2022)

"I came third in the HSE Panel for Assistant Director of Public Health Nursing (ADPHN). I can’t believe it, I’m delighted, I can’t thank you enough! I would not have achieved this without your assistance. Time and money so well spent with you Ger. I will be telling my colleagues all about you. Thanks again."

Sinéad, Galway (PHN) – March 2022)

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