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Competency-based Application Forms

Public sector/government job opportunities have thrown out the old-fashioned CV and are now only accepting job applications through their tailored, carefully designed online competency-based application forms for their live, open job advertisements; all for the purposes of consistency. Most of these competency-based application Forms can contain up to 10 competencies (normal is 4-6) that have been carefully selected as key skills of the job/role to be filled. They require you as the applicant to choose, develop and structure an example (basically tell them a story that has a start, middle and end in their preferred style and format), preferably based on past or current on-the-job work experiences. There’s a designated space to complete and a specific word count to adhere to, and failing to do so could potentially provide grounds for disqualification, which is something you definitely want to avoid. Finally, competency-based application forms can take days, if not weeks to complete, so leave ample time to complete it and complete it in chunks.

Our aim, objective and outcome is to help you to:

  • Choose the best example(s) that meet the criteria of the competency title and that stand out from the competition
  • Title, date and structure examples against their preferred style, format and criteria
  • Incorporate keywords and statements from the competency explanation and the job description throughout the example
  • Fill the allowed space completely with content
  • Exactly meets the allowed word count
  • Ensure strong, interesting examples with a captivating title, background, main content and results/outcomes that look well, are easy to read and give you (and the interviewers) confidence
  • Complete all other parts of the competency-based application form

Benefits from your investment:

  • Secure a competency-based interview
  • Be looking forward to meeting the interview panel/board
  • Be confident with your competency-based application form layout and content


Contact me for a specific, tailored package to complete/submit your competency-based application form, to suit your time and budget…

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