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Career Change Guidance

Embark on a journey to reshape your destiny and navigate a successful career change   Craft your future with the guidance of a program designed to empower you in shaping the life and career you desire. This program assists you in charting a course that not only facilitates successful career change but also enables you […]

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Income Protection

If you are in receipt of Income Protection Payments because you can no longer carry out the duties and expectations of your previous occupation, Talent Fusion can consult with and help you Return to Work (RTW), through your Income Protection Provider. We have / are consulting with all of the major Income Protection Insurance organisations

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Job Hunting Skills

You have updated and completed your new CV, you are up on LinkedIn with a great Profile, but are not getting invited to Interviews; so, how do you get out there and get known and secure Interviews? Our aim, objective and outcome is to help you: Work with Recruitment Agencies Develop an ‘Everyone You Know’

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Interview Preparation

Getting your interview skills on point, especially when it comes to communicating effectively, is so important for organisations when they’re hiring people. Interviews can be pretty nerve-wracking for most. The idea of having to sell yourself in front of a small crowd of people is stressful, especially when hoping to land that dream job. Usually,

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LinkedIn Profiles – Your Digital CV

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on The Internet. You can use it to help you find the right job, connect with like-minded people and develop business networks. A LinkedIn profile is your Generic Digital CV On-line that showcases your unique professional history detailing you work experiences, education, qualification, training, achievements and skills. It

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CV Writing

Your CV is a prospective employers’ first impression of you, whether it be on paper or on a screen, the latter nowadays being the most used and preferred. It is all about grabbing their attention in the first half page of the document, where your CV is tailored i.e., it is all about them, not

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Outplacement Programmes & Services

The trauma of redundancy and losing one’s job is a most difficult situation for employees and employers, but most particularly the former, the employee, who is being made redundant and has lost their job. Talent Fusion understands this trauma, and through their own experience of redundancy and this outplacement support, aim to ease this and help you

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