Before investing in further education, upskilling, re-training… ask yourself why you are doing it

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    From September to May every year, carparks in academic/further education will be full, not to mention Online courses. People rightly so, do and should invest in their job/career development by investing in new knowledge and information; however, they should consider what course they should invest their hard-earned money and precious time in and ask will it help them in their future job/career plans, management and development.

    So, why do / should people re-educate, re-train, upskill themselves…?

    • Secure employment
    • They need to do it so as to carry out their current job
    • Seek promotion with their current employer
    • Change job within their current employment
    • Change career
    • They have a personal interest in the course
    • Their manager/boss advised them to do it

    Secure employment

    Either you have no Third Level Qualification or you do not have any qualification and you cannot secure an Interview, never mind a job offer, you need to invest in a qualification. Ensure that it is accredited and recognized.

    You need to do it so as to carry out your current job

    In many, maybe in all jobs/careers, things change every day/overnight and employees need to stay up-to-date in their area of expertise for many reasons. Whatever job/career you are in, don’t get left behind, know what is going on/changing.

    Seek a promotion with your current employer

    There are always opportunities with your employer/within your current role to progress or move sideways i.e., to go up like a ladder, or go across like a web. Employees who have been investing in their job/career, will always be (should be!) seriously considered for promotion.

    Your manager/boss advised you to do it

    Should your manager, boss or indeed someone in authority, who knows a thing or two about you and your interests (or what you are good at) advise you to consider, pursue or complete a particular course for good reason and you can see logic in their recommendation, then that course should be considered.

    Change job

    You may wish to change your job by applying for new opportunities outside of your current employer/organisation. Whether you are applying for jobs in the private sector (normally through a CV) or in the public sector (normally through a Competency-based Application Form/Competency-based Interview), a new recent completed (or commenced) course will always impress.

    Change career

    You may wish to change career. A career change usually demands a brand-new qualification. It could even require a Third Level Qualification. If you are considering a career change, do not invest in a course until you know the career field that you wish to work in; then and only then, choose the specific training intervention to make this new career a reality.

    You have a personal interest in the course

    If there is something that you have an interest in, job / career related or not i.e., it could be a personal interest, hobby or something that you always had an intriguing interest in, then by all means learn everything you wish to and want to about it.

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