Why should you choose Ger @ Talent Fusion to help you identify, source and secure a job that you love…?

That’s a great question, and one you should definitely ask before deciding. Rather than me telling you all the reasons why I think I will be a good fit for you, look to other people who I have already helped, just like you below, who have worked with me and their experiences working with Talent Fusion.

If this is the kind of reaction you want after you have met and worked with me, then contact me by any of the following methods:


''...Hi Ger, I came 2nd out of 7 candidates and was offered a temporary 0.8 post for two years. A more experienced person (unknown to me) got the full time post. Happy with prep and performance; questions were all ones we’d prepared. I will seek feedback. Thanks for all your input

Mairéad, UL (Lecturer - June 2024)

''...Hi Ger, My sincere apologies for not getting to reply sooner. I was being bombarded by so many asking me any update on the job search. I was waiting to deliver good news - and I got to do that in person with you today. Looking forward to an exciting opportunity with 'company name' - hot off the press since this morning! So you can imagine it's taking me a while to get through documentation etc. Thanks for all your help a few weeks back - really helped me gather all my information initially. I have been working since with an outplacement consultant who has advised at every stage. Your public speaking tips were of extreme value - the evening was really successful - although it took double work due to 2 of us presenting. More powerful collaborative impact though. I mentioned you on LinkedIn with my update: Thanks again for everything...''

Niamh, HP, Galway (IT Engineer - June 2024)

''...Hi Ger, the company's HR Manager contacted me this morning to say that they couldn't offer the Marketing Administrator position to me, because I didn't have the experience; however, in the next breadth they said that because of my great application and interviews, they couldn't let me go and asked would I be interested in a Marketing Assistant role? I couldn't believe it! I am delighted. Thank you so much Ger for all your help, I really would not have got this without you...''

Anna, JFC (Marketing Assistant - April 2024)

''...Hi Ger, I hope all is well, FYI; I accepted a job offer with The Insurance Institute, gave in my resignation last Friday. Thank you for all your help...''

Regina, Education Training Board (Office Administration Manager - February 2024)

''...Hi Ger, Hope you’re doing well! I heard back from Boston Scientific Corporation (BSC) about the manufacturing role, they offered it to me this morning! Thanks again for all your help, couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks...''

Emily, BSC (Manufacturing Engineer - February 2024)

‘’...Hello Ger, I hope you’re well. I only found out last evening. I wasn’t successful, it hurt for a little while, but then I bounced back again. Thanks a million for your excellent support and mentoring. It was just brilliant. I knew the outcome before the interview process, which was difficult and not transparent but it's the way the HSE works. However, I did myself proud and I’m happy with that. Thanks again Ger...’’

Name omitted for confidentiality reasons, HSE (Consultant Specialist - January 2024)

''...It was actually a nice Interview, what we covered came up, so that was great, though one or two questions caught me that we had not covered i.e., 'Tell us about a project / task that didn't go to plan for you?' I think I answered it ok. Thanks Ger, you gave me great confidence...''

Emily, Boston Scientific Corporation (Graduate Engineer - January 2024)

''...Yes Ger, I was happy, it went well, most of what we covered came up; so, thank you...''

Maria, HSE (Advanced Nurse Practitioner CAMHS - November 2023)

''...Thank you Ger for your time and patience to help me become better at achieving my dream to work with Emirates Airlines. You have given me so much knowledge that I'll remember for life. My interview went well, the recruiter was agreeing on what I was saying (it's great you...) it felt more of a conservation than an interview, so here's hoping; I will let you know as soon as I know...''

Andrew, Ryanair (Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant - January 2024)

.Hi Ger, came No. 1 on the Panel; can't believe it! Your tantalizing step by step analysis of my competency-based application form and the job description as part of the competency-based interview preparation was what got me through and gave me the confidence to answer all of their questions. Interviewers said that my clients were lucky to have me...''

Deirdre, HSE (Addiction Counsellor - December 2023)

''...Hi Ger, just a short message to let you know that I was successful at Interview. Started working with Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) last week, so steep learning curve so far. Thank you for your assistance last year, it really did stand to me...''

Rosie, HIQA (Grade VIII-Incident Management - November 2023)

''...Hi Ger, I was successful at Interview and placed No. 1 on the Panel. Thank you for all your support and help. Gentle reminder to advise of outstanding monies owed, warm regards...''

Avril, HSE (Area Director of Nursing - November 2023)

''...Good morning, Ger; I am very well, thanks to you. Sorry for the morning phone, I sent that message, and it showed me that it was sent. I am not sure what happen, I apologize if I kept you stressed, not knowing the result of the presentation, I had no intention. You were the first person I contacted, and I regret that I did not call you personally. I really appreciate all your help; you are a dedicated, professional and wonderful person. You have all my respect and appreciation. The success of the presentation was entirely due to you. I will remember everything I have learned from you, and I will try to apply it. See you around. Regards...''

Daniela, Nordson Medical, Galway (Team Leader - October 2023)

''...Hi Ger, I got the Financial Accountant job, that I wanted to get. Thank you for all your help with the Interview preparation, very much appreciated...''

John, Galway (Financial Accountant - September 2023)

''...Hi Ger, hope you are keeping well. Not the email I wanted to be sending, but wanted to let you know nonetheless. I was invited to two interviews and they went very well; however, I found out recently that the job was pulled entirely. Silver lining that no one got the job in the end, but still a tough one to swallow. I have a meeting with the Hiring Manager to give me feedback on the interviews as he thinks that senior management will give the go ahead in the future for the same role. So hopefully they will invite me back to interview again. Thanks again for the support and the CV...''

Niall, Cork (IT Professional - April 2023)


‘...Hi Ger, just got a call yesterday that I got the position. Very happy. Thanks a million for everything. Cheers Ger…’

Barry, Galway (Senior Social Worker – March 2023)


Hi Ger, I got an email today from PAS, only saw it now. I passed the interview on Wednesday last and came third. I therefore retain my original place of 744 from the application and questionnaire results following Stage 1 on the Panel. I could not have achieved this result without your help and encouragement. Many thanks for everything Ger. Best wishes…’

 Teresa, Dublin (Clerical Officer, The Civil Service – February 2023)


Hey Ger, Apologies for not replying to your email. I meant to several times and then got side-tracked. So please forgive me. I didn't get the job with LinkedIn, however I did land a role with Salesforce, but haven't given up on the LinkedIn Dream yet. Hope you're well.

Conor, Dublin (Sales – January 2023)


Hi Ger, Thank you for all your help with my interview preparation. As you know, I came No. 2 on the Panel; I could not have done it without you, I’m delighted. I have sent a bank transfer for payment today. I will be in contact again if I ever need any help in the future from you and will pass on your details to colleagues if they need any help with career advice. Kind regards,

Andrea, Galway (Cardio Physiologist, Galway – June 2022)


Hi Ger, Got the call there; I got the job! Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help…

Darragh, Ennis (Network Technician – ESB – May 2022)


Hi Ger, I came third in the HSE Panel for Assistant Director of Public Health Nursing (ADPHN). I can’t believe it, I’m delighted, I can’t thank you enough! I would not have achieved this without your assistance. Time and money so well spent with you Ger. I will be telling my colleagues all about you. Thanks again…

Sinéad, Galway (PHN) – March 2022)


Thank you for your call Ger. It was a general interview, where they focused on my CV primarily and my experience therein. We were told it would be a Competency-based Interview, but it wasn’t, so I don’t know how they are going to score me. It seemed as if they weren’t trained on how to carry out Competency-based Interviews and what to ask

Michael, Drumshanbo (Leitrim County Council – December 2021)


Hey Ger, I hope that all is well in Galway. Just wanted to let you know that I managed to get the Senior Project Coordinator role in Stemcell Technologies here in Canada. Very happy with it, so thanks again for all your help on it

Conor, Clarinbridge (December 2022)


Hi Ger, just a quick text to let you know I was successful in the competition and am now promoted! I would again like to thank you sincerely for your help and guidance during the process. I certainly would not have been successful without your input. Kind Regards

Diarmaid, Galway (An Garda Síochána – June 2022)


Hi Ger, hope all is well. I went to Dublin and got Droichead completed. I then got a job here at home and I have a month done now. Thrilled – wouldn’t have done it without you. Might be back to you sometime in the near future – Thank you so much again for everything!

Gráinne, Athlone (Primary School Teacher – February 2022)


Went well Ger. Knew everything they asked. They clarified that they got what they needed. When I was leaving one of the interviewers said, ‘Can I give you some advice…keep doing what you are doing, even if where you are working do it different, it doesn’t mean it is the best way, show them and guide them in what you know!’. I thought this was very positive. Thank you for all your help Ger. Send on your invoice and I’ll sort it out. I really appreciate your help on this. Hopefully I make the panel and maybe even get somewhere high on it.

Jackie, Navan (HSE – November 2021)


Thank you Ger for helping me complete the application process i.e., Cover Letter, Executive Summary, CV and Key Achievements …really excellent…!

Craig, Galway (December 2020)


Hi Ger, Hope you’re keeping well. Just letting you know that I got some good news last week and after four interviews, I finally got accepted into a Physiotherapy Course in Edinburgh Napier University, starting in January next year. Just wanted to thank you for your help throughout the whole thing, as I don’t think it would have been possible without you. All the best. Kind Regards,

Timmy, Limerick (July 2020)


The interview couldn’t have went any better. Everything we covered and discussed about the four competencies and more came up, there was a lot about COVID too. I felt very confident and competent before / during the interview and I was on a high after it…all down to you Ger. Thank you…

Ann, Castlebar (HSE ADON Job Opportunity - June 2020)


Hi Ger, I’m so happy, the PP Presentation went very well on Zoom. The feedback was unbelievable from my boss, my team and the clients (over 50 of them were tuned in). What we covered re; the opening, closing, transitions and most importantly how I spoke i.e. voice, inflection, pausing, pace were all commented on, it was surreal! I feel I made a career status statement today. Thanks so much Ger…

Emma, Dublin (June 2020)


Hi Ger, thank you, you were a great help, you boosted my confidence along with your excellent interview pointers. Talk soon.

Cathal, Galway (Cisco – May 2018)


Hi Ger, just a quick text to let you know I was successful in the competition and am now promoted! I would again like to thank you sincerely for your help and guidance during the process. I certainly would not have been successful without your input. Kind Regards

Teresa (Special Needs Assistant, Dublin – July 2022)


Talent Fusion is a service and professionalism on a different level. Thankfully I found Mr Ger Colleran, Director of Talent Fusion On-Line. I met Ger in early January 2022 and three months later I am finally happy, excited and optimistic for the future. I have transitioned work sectors which I wanted to do for quite some time. The meticulous attention to detail I received from Ger was second to none. His observations, skillset and in-depth knowledge of various work sectors is indispensable. Ger is an amazing individual who listens so attentively to “YOU”. You feel totally at ease to express yourself and your concerns. Ger has not only provided me with the skills and proficiencies to excel within the industry and he has also restored my confidence and self-belief. For anybody reading my testimonial who are unhappy, unsure or fearful of what direction or path to take in life, I can eminently recommend Ger Colleran and Talent Fusion to assist and guide you in finding your “ideal” and or “dream” job. It is a journey with work to do, however, in the end you will get there. If I can offer one more piece of advice it would be; “to feel the fear and do it anyway”. I can now safely say that without the help, assistance and guidance I received from Ger, I would still be in the lonely, unhappy workplace that I was in for so long. Go for it and just do it, you will not regret it.

Sharon, Galway (Galway – May 2022)


Hi Ger, Aiden here, just a quick message to let you know that I got offered the job, I have induction tomorrow…so all good, the money is good enough, which is average enough for quality assurance tech job starting off… happy enough overall I suppose…nothing back from BCS yet, but they did say they would be a week or 2 before getting back to me…hope you’re keeping well and thanks for everything

Aiden (Quality Assurance – May 2021)


Hi Ger, I came in second in the interview. The person who was already acting in the role got it! I wasn’t overly disappointed, because I felt I did a great interview, leaving everything in the room. Your help brought my interview skills to a new level i.e. a leadership/management level, so I thank you for that. Our preparation together and level of scrutiny and detail around what they could ask me was invaluable. I have another interview coming up next week, so can I arrange another session with you? Speak soon…

James, Dublin (Team Leader - November 2021)


Hi Ger, just to let you know that the interview went well I believe. Got my closing statement in and happy with it. There wasn’t a lot of time so it felt like it went quick which was nice. A colleague (Senior Psychologist) called after and we discussed it and she said it sounded like I got all the right stuff in. Hopefully so! I think I’ll find out in a couple weeks if I made the panel, where I ranked and might even get feedback which would be great. Thank a million for all of your help and support. Let me know how to sort out payment. Do you just send me your bank details?

Susan (Psychologist National Panel – December 2021)


Thanks for the text Ger. It went fine, happy enough, we’ll see how things go. I think they were looking for someone with more experience

Patrick, Galway (Medtronic – December 2021)


Hi Ger, I hope all is well with you. You may remember I did some interview preparation with you back in May this year in preparation for another role. I have since interviewed for a position in the DoH, National Patient Safety Office, a better fit for my experience, and am delighted to report I was placed first on the panel! A bit of negotiation to be done, but fingers crossed I’ll get there. Thanks for all your help. Best wishes…

Anita, Dublin (September 2021)


Hello Ger – I got the offer! Happy to be taking it – it’s a good side of image processing that I’ll gain experience in, and I’m doing the AI masters in Galway so it’ll be a nice compliment!! The start date is Sept 6th – I can link up with you next week if that suits you and we can close things out. Thanks so much for your help and support it’s been great…

Brian (IT - Galway – August 2021)


Hi Ger, came 11th on the panel in the nationwide Civil Service Executive Officer recruitment campaign, delighted… ”

Aodán (Civil Service - July 2020)


” …Thank you so much Ger, I managed to get what I asked for, I’m delighted. Thank you for all your help in getting my head straight, negotiating the remuneration package and getting it over the line. Take care… ”

Theresa (Financial Controller September 2020)


Hi Ger. Thanks for the text. I have been offered the job. The GM called me this p.m. Good experience to set myself up for the next grade later this year. Thank for your assistance…”

Tom (June 2020)


Thanks, Ger. All over now. Back at the desk. It went ok.  Not very well structured as competency-based interview previously. The knowledge question was very detailed and topics discussed were not related to the role which put me off. I did manage an answer.  The focus was more so on risk which interestingly both interviewees advised me not to focus on when I spoke to them pre the interview! Interesting tact. I managed to keep on point and use my link lines that we covered. The whole interview flowed well over all…

Tom (June 2020)


Hi Ger, that’s excellent thanks. I called DAC and unfortunately, this position is closed. So that was good advice on calling first before sending anything on. I will be in touch when I have an interview that I am keen on. Regards…

Noreen (June 2020)


The interview couldn’t have went any better. Everything we covered and discussed about the four competencies and more came up, there was a lot about COVID too. I felt very confident and competent before / during the interview and I was on a high after it…all down to you Ger. Thank you…

Ann (HSE ADON Job Opportunity - June 2020)


Hi Ger. Just wanted to let you know that my website has gone live today. As you’ll see when you look at it, we incorporated nearly all of the suggestions you made the last time we met. Thanks again for all your help and getting me motivated to do it!

Brendan (Irish Prison Service - December 2020)


Hi Ger, I just heard back from telling me that I came No. 1 on the panel for the Clerical Officer Recruitment & Selection Competition. I needed to score 80 / 200 to qualify, but they told me that I scored 158 / 200. I’m delighted! I’m waiting now for a Vacancy to open up quickly. Thanks again Ger for all your help with the competency-based interview preparation…!

James, Limerick (November 2020)


Hi Ger, firstly I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you for all your very kind help and advice and for making me feel that I am still capable, after all these years, of being able to re-enter the job market and be worth something to an employer.  Thank you. After all of our together, I now get loads of job alerts each day so keep on top of that and as you say, out of all the millions on ‘no’s’ it’s just 1 ‘yes’ that I am aiming for! Thanks again Ger and I will keep in touch. Kind regards…

Simone (August 2020)


Hi Ger just wanted to let you know I received an email tonight I made 5 on the panel!

Thanks so much for Ur help X…

Gemma (Clinical Nurse Manager-HSE – August 2021)


Hi Ger, I wanted to touch base with you today as my first day as Plant Manager. I want to thank you for the help in preparing me for both interviews & the presentation and there is no doubt in my mind it was your professional help, astute advice and encouragement that got me over the line. The organisation is changing rapidly and one of the people that interviewed me, informed me he is now going to be my new boss. He said he was highly impressed with my interview / presentation and my enthusiasm and willingness to change mind set was very evident during the interview. I want to invite you to see the facility some Friday afternoon/evening to give you a tour and show how the operation works. Again Ger, I really appreciate all the help you gave me and please send the bill to me for it. Chat soon…

Andrew (August 2020)


Hi Ger, they just called there to offer me the job. They were extremely complimentary on my understanding of the work, saying the presentation was really good and commented on my interview preparation / delivery and my memory hook too, so I am delighted! Many thanks again!

Aodán (Údarás na Gaeltachta - June 2020)


Hi Ger, Claire here. Brilliant news – I got the interview. Thanks so much for your help. Regards

Claire (July 2019)


Hi Ger, I have to apologise I didn’t see this until now – I was actually out of the office for a few days and just catching up on emails. Thank you so much for all the help too – I provided Sandra with some feedback. Personally, I felt the sessions really helped me – to look at my career but also the bigger picture in terms of grasping opportunities. Hopefully see you at a toastmaster event when it starts again in the Autumn time as this is something I would love to participate in.

Kind Regards – Helen

Helen, Creganna, Galway (June 2018)


Hi Ger. Just wanted to let you know that my website has gone live today. As you’ll see when you look at it, we incorporated nearly all of the suggestions you made the last time we met. Thanks again for all your help and getting me motivated to do it!

Barry (October 2019)


Hello Ger, hope all is well. I wanted to email you to update you on the interview process. Firstly, I want to say, that the Bloomberg interview was the best interview I have had, and that was largely in part due to our consultation/preparation work. Unfortunately, I did not get to the next round with Bloomberg, but from the feedback it was simply because the interviewers thought while I did have interest in the company, I didn’t have a true interest in the role. On another note, I was able to get a similar role in Dublin with Bank of Ireland and will begin work with them in a couple of weeks. I am very excited and will use the notes about speaking with you going forward. Thanks again for all your help. Kind regards –

Robbie, Galway (March 2019)


Thanks Ger, all going well so far. That’s fine re; the fee arrangement. I am very satisfied with the service received and am happy to recommend your business to others. Best Regards,

Joe (October 2019)


Ger, Thank you for the great chat yesterday. I really got a lot out of it and I appreciate your approachability, common-sense approach, groundedness, kindness, encouragement, information and new ideas! Just a little note to say I’ve applied for BioExel and got through to the next round. There’s a presentation on Tuesday. Thanks for putting me in touch with Sandra. This and my existing freelance and cinema work have filled up the last two months to the point where a lot of the other homework you gave me is on hold for the moment. Am winding up the cinema job and will look properly at your suggestions then. Hope all is well with you. Thanks again for everything.

Niamh, Galway (October 2018)


Hi Ger, Hope all is well. I received an email today from Medtronic for me to attend an assessment on Wednesday in the Galway Bay Hotel with Mr M M. Thanks for all the help in getting me through the interview stage. Best Regards

Luke (October 2019)


I was fortunate to have connected with Ger as soon as my severance agreement was getting finalised with my previous employer Gartner early in the New Year. Ger demonstrated strong empathy and sensitivity in working with me in the early day. I used Ger extensively to structure my plan and prioritise my daily job searching. Ger assisted me extensively in ensuring I customised CV and Executive summary and most importantly I worked my internal network along with selected recruiters. Within 5 weeks I was at final interview panel stage with an employment target. The help and support Ger gave me at presentation stage and messaging was incredibly valuable. Often I would use Ger as a sounding board also. Ger is a really practical guy and cuts through complex-ability like the support I received with my exit statement and general talk track to future employers. I was fortunate to secure my next successful role within just over 3 months with HP Enterprise. This is great for Senior placements that sometimes take between 6 -9 months. This was achieved thanks to Connor’s support. I have would have no hesitation recommending Connor Service’s and the excellent support from Ger Colleran in future.

Paul, Gartner, Dublin (April 2018)


Hi Ger, I meant to send this earlier but I’ve been flat out. I started the job on June 10th. Still in the training phase so far, but that ends next week and the real work begins. It’s been all good so far. Enjoying being back in employment. Got my first payslip in many years today. That felt like a major step forward in itself. Thanks for everything Ger!

Stephen (June 2019)


“Hello Ger, I’m very happy.  I’m only here 11 months in my current job in Saolta University Health Care Group and I was up against many others that have been here for over 14/15 years.  15 were interviewed for the job in total in the HSE. I came in 4th, which I’m delighted with. Thanks again for all your help. I’m sure I will be requiring your services again in my career and as I said on the telephone to you earlier, I will be highly recommending you”

Thelma (November 2017)


Hi Ger, I have made my choice and I am applying to the ICPPD college in Galway, thank you for all your help, I don’t feel the need to have another appointment with you as I have made my decision, I really valued your opinion and appreciated all your help, all the best .

Lisa, Galway (May 2019)


Hi Ger, Hope this finds you well! I wanted to let you know I finally received my letter of offer from Decawave yesterday & I start on Monday! They were waiting on funding to come through before they could have me on board. I just want to say thanks so much for all your help, couldn’t have done it without you. Your feedback & reassurance as well as your knowledge every step of the way was really invaluable & appreciated! Thanks again & hopefully we’ll meet up again in happier circumstances! All the very best!

Joe (September 2017)


Ger, I only picked up your message now, somehow I totally missed it, so my apologies. Fiona did really well, presentation style & content were spot on and management team were impressed. Thanks for doing a great job with her. At 25 years of age, to be able to deliver a 30 minute presentation to people much senior & older than her is fantastic. Your expert training & guidance was invaluable. Thanks again. Best Regards,

Kevin (October 2019)


Hi Ger, I was trying to call you this morning as I wanted to let you know personally that [name of organisation] have offered me a position as their Financial Controller and I am happy to accept the position. The offer is 10% increase to my current salary, with Medical, Life Assurance and Pension benefits and some equity share in the company. I want to thank you personally for your help and guidance throughout. I appreciate everything you did for me. Thanks again.

Gavin (Financial Controller – April 2017)

Hi Ger, my competency-based interview went very well, I’ve never felt so prepared, so thanks again! They asked me if I had anyone in the room and made me show the laptop around the room!!! I’ll let you know when I hear from them

Julie Ann (HSE - March 2017)


Hi Ger, thank you so much for that, there was no need, it is very generous of you. I will keep in touch and let you know how things go. Hannah was very happy with all your help. Stay safe and will keep in touch…

Grace (July 2019)


Hello Ger, Morgan here. Thanks for doing a great job on the CV’s and great tips on what to do with them, I got a job with {Organization Name], which I’m delighted with.

Morgan (August 2019)


Hi Ger, Well the famous interview is over and I feel like I have been hit by a bus. There was no lead in – it was quick fire questions from the get go. They never once referred to my application or the job specification for that matter. Having prepared the questions you gave helped, as did the handout on leadership. The last 10 minutes that you gave me yesterday was invaluable. Overall I think it was good, on reflection I answered 3 questions poorly, that really were simple and that I should have known. ‘M’ (HSE) seemed happy most of the time. Thank you most sincerely, I was delighted that I met you, I will let you know the outcome.

Mary (November 2019)


Thanks Ger, all going well so far. That’s fine re; the fee arrangement. I am very satisfied with the service received and am happy to recommend your business to others. Best Regards,

Joe (October 2019)


''…Hi Ger, Sheila here. Just to let you know an Engineering Manager role came up in work between Round 1 & Round 2 interviews…so I applied & was successful!! Delighted! Thanks for the help, guidance and confidence you gave me! It’s helped me no end. Best wishes… ”

Sheila (Medical Device Senior Manufacturing Engineer – September 2018)

” …Hi Ger, Thank you! Your help was invaluable for studying for the HSE Grade 6 Competency-based interview and in the interview itself. I would have come to you to help me complete the Competency-based Application Form if I knew that you did this too… ”

Annette (April 2019)

Hi Ger, I just want to thank you for your guidance and support in the last two sessions. I feel better adapted to make plans for the future and I want to thank you for your patience. I will continue to recommend you to friends and colleagues… ”

Jen (February 2019)

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