How to Handle Being Made Redundant…

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    Losing one’s job is not a pleasant experience when it is compulsory, even if you do receive a generous redundancy package and benefits. After working in the organization for all of that time, given what you believe to be your best and then to be told through no fault of your own that you must leave, can be traumatic, lonely and disheartening. Leaving teams, work colleagues and/or internal and external customers/vendors can be difficult, especially if you had been working in the organization for a number of years. So how do you make the most of this milestone in your career/life and see it as a positive, rather than as a negative?

    Think about the following:

    • Take time out to way up your options. Are you going to return to a similar job to your previous or a different type of job in the same industry or are you going to consider a new career or look at your own business initiative?
    • Take a job break. If finances allow you, consider taking an extended break between this redundancy and your next employment to do something you always wanted to do. You might not get the chance again.
    • Look at your qualifications. Do you need to retrain, upskill or return to education? Based on your future ideal employment, what do these employers need you to have to make them interested in you and want to meet with you.
    • Update your Résumé and your LinkedIn Profile. Consider a professional input, making them the best they can be, tailored to your new ideal employment so as to secure interviews.
    • Finally, look at your own life with respect to health, well-being, hobbies, interests; had you a balance in your life when you were employed? If not, balance it now and for the future…
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