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    Job / Career / Life Management Websites are becoming more and more popular everyday. We see them advertised in local and national newspapers and other forms of advertising mediums, not to mention On-Line. The people behind them are usually self-employed who for whatever reason want to give something back, have an own-business aspiration, have taken early retirement, have taken a redundancy package, have had personal experiences of the service they are trying to offer and  / or want to offer a business from their home on a part-time / full-time basis. Should you need their services think about the following website criteria, before making a decision on which person to choose to help you in your job / career / life challenge:

    • \’Home\’ page
    • \’Contact Us\’ page
    • Testimonials
    • Communication options
    • \’About Us\’ page

    \’Home\’ page

    The first page that you will usually land on is their \’Home\’ page. What is your initial feeling, does it give you a sense of professionalism, does it make you want to contact them? Is it clear what they do, how they can help you, why they can help you? Has the website been professionally developed and produced and has it all the expected website pages?

    \’Contact Us\’ page

    Open the \’Contact Us\’ page. Is it easy to make contact, by e-mail, telephone (landline and mobile), address? Does it show all the other social media tools of making contact or getting in touch? Test their response reaction by telephoning them or e-mailing them requesting some information. Is the response to your e-mail inquiry automated or personal? Where are they based? Have they a professional office in a business park, office block or are they working from home and meet clients in tbeir home or in a public place?


    Do they have a Testimonial\’s page? Are there many testimonials displayed and are they genuine? This can be sometimes difficult to tell (you might know the person or organisation). The number of testimonials and their word structure will give you a good or \’not-so-good\’ feeling about the person / organisation they are talking about. Do they show or include a date of when the client worked with the person or organisation? And does the testimonial have any link or relation to your particular job / career / life challenge?

    Communication options

    What are the options to communicate with them? Can they carry out their work with you in your home, their home, their business office, through e-mail, through Skype, through landline or mobile? It is important that all if not most of these options are available to you. Choose the best one that suits you and will best help you address your challenge in the most efficient and effective way.

    \’About Us\’ page

    Finally, check out the \’About us\’ page. Where have they come from with respect to their education, career history, employment history, training, learning & development? Are they and / or what they offer accredited / recognized by well-known accreditation bodies? How long are they in business offering this type of service? Can you receive an accreditation after working with them and does it cost extra for this?

    And finally, finally, speaking of cost, do ask their fees and payment methods and structure…

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