Why LinkedIn is Part of Your Career?

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    LinkedIn was founded in 2002 and launched in 2003. It is an employment-orientation tool that functions using websites and mobile apps. We are told that it has almost 600 million registered users in over 200 countries. Used for networking and posting jobs, it\’s primary and most usage is for employees to share the following main details about themselves (including a picture) in order to source a new employment / new business and indeed inform interested people where they are now in their career/business:

    • Career History
    • Education
    • Training Courses
    • Accomplishments
    • Interests
    • Testimonials

    LinkedIn is like your CV On-Line i.e. called a Profile and unlike a CV needs to be updated consistently. We tend to update our CV when we want to change job or career, however with LinkedIn, you don’t know who is looking at your profile and when including:

    • Recruiters
    • Headhunters
    • Previous bosses
    • Previous work colleagues
    • Friends
    • Academics
    • Business associates
    • Existing clients
    • New clients


    As with the last two points above, the self-employed, especially people working on their own, need to be on LinkedIn as many potential new clients make an opinion of whether or not to meet you, based on your LinkedIn Profile (and testimonials).

    Updating your LinkedIn Profile on a regular/consistent basis has many advantages:

    • You can include the updates details when it is fresh in your mind
    • Your profile will rank higher if people look for someone of your skills, talents and background
    • People who read your profile are getting the latest, most up-to-date version of you
    • It gives you a sense of satisfaction and achievement as you update it, for example, a new job, promotion, education/training course, a new project
    • It can make it easier to update your CV when you wish to apply for new job opportunities that may have short closing date notices


    Stay linked to the world that can help you achieve your job/career/business goals using LinkedIn…

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