Outplacement Services

Outplacement services are services an employer offers to employees who are made redundant from their job in the employer’s organisation. Whether the employee is taking / accepting a voluntary severance package or it is a situation of compulsory redundancy, the employer can help their ‘now’ previous employee make  a great start in their search for a new employment income. The employer can choose an external organisation to provide the outplacement service to the employee(s) over a number of hours; a number of days or a number of weeks depending on their available budget.

Outplacement services can include the following help and supports for the employee:

  • Designing Your Destiny & Identification of Your Ideal, Realistic Job / Career
  • Identification of Further Education, Training, Learning & Development Needs
  • Presentation on Paper (Cover Letters, Executive Summary’s, Curriculum Vitaes, Target Letters)
  • Job Hunting Skills (Six ways in how to secure interviews)
  • Interview Skills & Techniques (Competency-based)
  • Return to Work Programmes
  • Own Business Development, Planning & Management
  • Personal Development in a Business Framework (Coaching)

Outplacement Services

Advantages for the employee upon receiving these services include:

  • They can secure a new form of income much faster
  • They don’t feel isolated after becoming unemployed
  • They know that what they are doing in securing a new form of income is being carried out correctly and professionally
  • Confidence and self-belief is maintained or at least enhanced
  • They have an opportunity to change and realise their ideal job / career  

Advantages for the employer / organisation include:

  • They are seen as a great place to work in
  • The employee receiving the outplacement service is grateful to them
  • Remaining employees appreciate that the employer is helping their fellow employee
  • The employer feels a sense of satisfaction having helped the employee
  • They are creating employment / business for their outplacement service partner

Outplacement services are a good thing to offer and a good to thing to receive…

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