Present and further show off your communication skills during the Interview process

Interview Presentation

More and more organisations are introducing a Presentation into their selection and recruitment processes, for a number of reasons; the role involves leading people, managing people, selling to people, significant presenting skills and / or significant communication skills. It also can let them see and hear the real you, how much you want the role and how you handle stress under pressure. The Interview Presentation topic is usually about the challenges that they are facing in their organisations around their products / services / customers.

Our aim, objective and outcome for you

By the end of this Interview Presentation intervention, you will have learned how to present / communicate professionally (and yet authentically) to an Interview Board having further impressed them that you can speak, deliver and meet, indeed exceed on the requirements and expectations of the role.

What you will learn

  • The ‘Contents’ below (in no particular order and not exhaustive) will all be covered both directly and / or indirectly with you:
  • Knowledge of your Interview Presentation subject / topic
  • Presenters’ and speakers’ state / stance / mindset
  • Self-confidence, self-belief and assertiveness
  • Choosing your presentation / speaking medium
  • Preparing and designing the content and look of your presentation medium i.e., slides
  • Captivating introductions / Opening your speech / Closing your speech
  • Audience engagement and feedback
  • Metaphors
  • Personification
  • Managing notes / props
  • Satirs (gesturing)
  • Stage management (claiming your space)
  • Your speaking voice:
      • Pace
      • Volume
      • Articulation
      • Inflection
      • Power of Pausing
  • Handling nerves, stress and anxiousness before and during your speech delivery
  • Delivering your presentation
  • Breathing
  • Handling Interview Board questions afterwards
  • What to wear

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