Plan, perform and deliver a successful One-way Recorded Video Interview

One-way Recorded Video Interviews

One-way Recorded Video Interviews is where the organisation’s Recruitment & Selection Department use technology to ask you 3-5 pre-selected questions that you can prepare answers to before the One-way Recorded Video Interview and then answer them on video, into a screen, over a set duration of time. The organisation uses the One-way Recorded Video Interview for different reasons; as a way for candidates to introduce themselves, as a screening process, observe presentation and communication skills, to re-watch it again and again & see a candidate’s speaking style. It can also be used to help the organisation decide whether or not to move the candidate onto the next stage of the interview process.

How to prepare for a One-way Recorded Video Interview

  • Refresh your communication and presentation skills
  • Follow their directions on how the hiring organisation want you to prepare for, do and submit your video interview
  • Choose a quiet area, where you cannot be interrupted and where there is no noise
  • Ensure that your computer or laptop have the required equipment and technology to allow you complete the video interview successfully
  • Choose an appropriate background
  • Don’t leave it too late to do the video interview
  • Practice your answers / responses
  • Re-record your answers / responses (if allowed to do this)
  • Use a stop-watch / timer
  • Look directly at the camera
  • Be authentic i.e., your true self
  • Dress up as if it is an in-person interview
  • Do a test video to see how you look on camera

Use One-way Recorded Video Interviews to your Advantage

  • It allows you to be more flexible
  • You are in complete control
  • You can perfect your answers / responses
  • You have time to develop, prepare and practice your answers / responses
  • You have no audience pressure on you

Duration & Price

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