Presenting a Presentation as Part of an Interview

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    Many organizations are now requesting candidates to prepare a short presentation as part of the interview process. These presentations can occur any time during the interview process i.e. first, second or indeed third interview and are usually 10-15 minutes in duration. The topic to present upon at the interview is usually chosen by the interview board/hiring organization beforehand and is linked to the job one is being interviewed for. For example, it could be a business challenge that the organization is facing/going through and they want to hear and see how you would go about addressing/resolving it. The presentation at the interview is usually delivered at the start of the interview with PowerPoint the most common speaking medium with questions and answers after its delivery.

    Why would the hiring organisation request interviewees to prepare and present a presentation?

    • The role involves speaking in public to small/large groups
    • The role is a sales role
    • The role is a managerial role
    • The role is a leadership role
    • The role is a project management role
    • They want to see how interviewees perform under pressure
    • They want to see can you prepare and deliver a presentation that is engaging, inspiring and motivational to them
    • They want to see how much you know about the organization

    If you are called for an interview and the interview process involves having to prepare and present a presentation at an interview consider the following:

    • Make sure to address the topic question/challenge/criteria
    • Do all you can to get to really know the organization i.e. information, documentation, speak to people
    • Plan to finish one minute before the allotted time
    • Stand during the presentation delivery
    • Use the organisation’s marketing/branding/colours/fonts
    • Speak from the heart, giving an authentic delivery knowing that as of now you are second in the race


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