Returning to Work After a Long Break…!

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    Whether your break was planned or unplanned, returning to the workforce after an extended period away can be challenging.

    Madeleine Burry from The Balance Careers offers some tips for getting back into the workforce after a long break, that are outlined below:

    Re-Learn Your Industry and Network

    If it’s been quite a while since you worked, you’ll likely need to refamiliarize yourself with your industry and the opportunities in it.

    Some possible steps to take are:

    • Research your industry: Get familiar again with your job, role, industry and stakeholders
    • Network Reach out to former colleagues to let them know you’re returning to the workforce. These contacts may also be able to update you on the latest industry outlook—the big players, the new jargon
    • Attend conferences & informational interviews: Setting up some casual informational interviews can also help you feel up-to-date in your industry. Participating in conferences and LinkedIn Groups related to your industry can also help you get back in the groove.

    Freshen Your Skills

    During your industry research, you may discover that there’s a whole new world of jargon. New programs are essential. Or, maybe the tools are the same, but it’s just been awhile since you used them. Freshen up your skills and this will help you feel more confident.

    Get Back into the Work Routine Quickly

    Get back to a work routine, days before you even return to work. Embrace and cherish that you have a job to return to. It may not be the ideal job, however it is easier to get a new job, start a new career when you are working for many reasons.


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