The CV…still the foundation for securing an Interview…!

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    The word ‘Digital’ is taking over the world with everyone and everything On-line so as to make our lives easier and for us to work in more efficient and effective means.

    When it comes to applying for jobs, many private sector employers are requesting (sometimes demanding) your CV to be sent to them by digital means i.e., LinkedIn.


    Do note though that many, if not all, public sector employers are no longer accepting CV’s, their open job opportunities can only be applied for through Competency-based Application Forms.


    In order to develop a LinkedIn Profile, you should have your CV updated on a Word document. Once you have your CV up-to-date and correct, you can then easily copy and paste the relevant information into LinkedIn as follows:


    CV sections Equivalent LinkedIn sections
    Personal Details Contact Information
    Profile About Me
    Career Summary About Me
    Education Education
    Training Training
    Skills Skills
    Community & Voluntary Initiatives Volunteer experience
    Accomplishments & Achievements Honours and awards
    Interests Interests


    Having an up to date CV ready to send out to live / open jobs that you are interested in, is always a good idea. You just never know when you will need it to hand.


    Updating your CV and indeed your LinkedIn Profile should a quarterly / bi-annual task.


    Many private sector employers still like to receive and read your CV; however, make sure that it tailored around them and the job you are applying for. They are looking for key words and statements from their Job Description in your CV, so as to help them make a decision to want to meet with you for General Interview or a Competency-based Interview.


    A well laid out and professional CV always impresses; make that yours is too.


    Remember, it is never about; it is always about them…!

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