What questions can I ask The Interviewers during a Competency-based Interview…?

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    In preparing for any interview; competency-based interviews or general interviews, it is important that one has questions prepared to ask the Interviewers at the end of the interview.

    Yes, one can and do ask questions during the interview; however, the Interviewers usually ask at the end of an interview, one of the following three questions (or similar):


    • Have you anything to add or say before we close the interview
    • Are you clear on what the role entails
    • Have you anything to ask us…?


    Let’s take each of these in turn…


    Have you anything to add or say before we close the interview…?


    The Interviewers are giving you the opportunity to clarify an answer that you previously gave to an earlier question; add more detail or information to a previous answer, and / or to say something that you wanted to mention that wasn’t specifically asked as part of their questions; however, you feel it is important i.e., it could be a skill, strength, experience, knowledge, training that you have and that you know will impress them and help you execute the role more efficiently and effectively


    Are you clear on what the role entails…?


    The Interviewers want to ensure that you understand the role that you have applied for i.e., what is involved, the expectations they and the organisation have of you and do you know their products, services and clients / customers. This is obviously covered in their question design and makeup; however, they are giving you the opportunity to demonstrate to them that you understand the role by telling that you do


    Have you anything to ask us…?


    This question is asked 99% of the time at interviews. This is your time to further ‘sell’ yourself to the Interviewers during the Interview process. Your questions should be primarily sourced from the Job Description and the organisation’s website. You should preface your questions with knowledge and information that you know about the organisation, their history, products, services, clients, achievements, future plans and / or challenges and then ask the question pertaining to it.


    Your questions are all about them, never about you.


    Ask three questions and have them typed out in front of you, so that the Interviewers can see them.


    The very best of luck…

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