You got to keep going…

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    You got to keep going, you really have to, in whatever business or career you are in. There isn\’t much more choice especially if you have your own business and are self-employed. The words stoic, resilient and determination come to mind as words that describe what you have to be, do and act. When significant challenges face you or creep up on you, you have to have the right attitude of dealing with them or better still your hard work up to now helps you to deal with these challenges. They will give you the confidence to believe that things will improve because of your strong business sales, marketing and financial models. Let\’s talk about these business sales, marketing and financial models under the following:

    1. On-line Marketing

    2. Networking Events

    3. Catching up with Previous / Existing Clients

    4. Look for New Markets for your Business

    5. Develop your business product / service offerings

    On-line Marketing

    You know this already; if you don\’t have a strong On-line presence, eventually you will feel the effect in your income / turnover. Everyone and anyone is On-line. They are using Home Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Mobiles to find what they want and need. If you as a business do not have a website that is friendly towards these communication mediums and an on-going search engine optimization (SEO) process in progress as a minimum, it will be difficult to keep going.

    Networking Events

    Who are the networks in your business that cater for your business type? Where do they meet, when do they meet, how often do they meet? We should attend one of these Networking events at least once per month or if possible, one per fortnight. Prepare for them. When you get there, work the room and make it worthwhile for you to have attended i.e. new contacts developed, business cards collected and follow up meetings arranged.

    Catching up with Previous / Existing Clients

    This should be an-going process in your business to check in and say hello to previous clients. No need to be pushing or annoying. It is really a social interaction to let them know that you are still in business, still doing well and hope that they are too. What has changed in their business, what has changed in your business? Suggest lunch / coffee with them, they normally will not refuse if you offer to pay for it!

    Look for New Markets for Your Business

    Who or what else needs what your business is offering? What other types of people and business (public and private) would benefit from what you do? Where and how else can you market your business to get to a new cohort of prospective new clients. As Richard Branson quoted some years ago, \’Opportunities are like buses, there is always one coming around the corner\’.

    Develop Your Business Product / Service Offerings

    Can you develop new mini-businesses within your main business? Can you specialize further, meet the needs of a new clientele, offer a brand new service / product that has not been done before? Can you market it and give it its own identity? You might say no, you might say I never thought about it really! If it\’s the former and / or the latter, think again.

    Challenges. Problems and Setbacks are out in front of us to test how much our businesses means to us…show people what you mean…!

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