Outplacement Services

Outplacement services are services an employer offers to employees who are made redundant from their job in the employer’s organisation. Whether the employee is taking / accepting a voluntary severance package or it is a situation of compulsory redundancy, the employer can help their ‘now’ previous employee make  a great start in their search for

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Time Management

Time Management In his book, ‘How to be Smart with your Time’, Duncan Bannatyne, known from Dragon’s Den fame, has the following main content headings: Identify your goals What are you waiting for What’s stopping you Focus, focus, focus Don’t innovate, replicate Second best is close to ideal Play to your strengths Momentum Delegation Work

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Continuous Professional Development…?

[av_one_full first min_height=\’\’ vertical_alignment=\’\’ space=\’\’ custom_margin=\’\’ margin=\’0px\’ padding=\’0px\’ border=\’\’ border_color=\’\’ radius=\’0px\’ background_color=\’\’ src=\’\’ background_position=\’top left\’ background_repeat=\’no-repeat\’ animation=\’\’] [av_textblock size=\’\’ font_color=\’\’ color=\’\’] Continuous Professional Development…? Continuous Professional Development (CDP) is a well-known term used in public sector organisations, where employees are encouraged to upskill, re-train, re-educate themselves on a continuous basis so as to stay up-to-date

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You got to keep going…

You got to keep going, you really have to, in whatever business or career you are in. There isn\’t much more choice especially if you have your own business and are self-employed. The words stoic, resilient and determination come to mind as words that describe what you have to be, do and act. When significant

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