Income Protection

If you are in receipt of Income Protection Payments because you can no longer carry out the duties and expectations of your previous occupation, Talent Fusion can consult with and help you Return to Work (RTW), through your Income Protection Provider. We have / are consulting with all of the major Income Protection Insurance organisations […]

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Outplacement Programmes & Services

The trauma of redundancy and losing one’s job is a most difficult situation for employees and employers, but most particularly the former, the employee, who is being made redundant and has lost their job. Talent Fusion understands this trauma, and through their own experience of redundancy and this outplacement support, aim to ease this and help you

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“Onboarding” refers to the processes in which new recruits or promoted employees need / would like support, guidance and help as they transition into their new roles. For new recruits (often called induction), it can include activities that allow them complete an initial orientation process, as well as learning about the organization and its structure,

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Psychometric Testing & Assessment

What is Psychometric Testing & Assessment Psychometric testing is supports organisations in the recruitment and selection process, and indeed promotion decisions of key employees, paramount and important decisions in your business. Reading CV’s and Application Forms, and carrying out Interviews, sometimes is not enough and may not tell you if the candidate will ‘fit’ into

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commmunication skills coaching

Communication Skills Mastery

About the course This communication skills mastery course aims to help your key employee communicate (visually, verbally and vocally) more professionally, ethically and appropriately in a business framework.  Talent Fusion understands their challenges in their daily communication tasks and the course has a focus on giving them tools and techniques to speak and write with

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Presentation Skills Intensive

About the course This Presentation Skills Intensive intervention aims to help your key employee handle and deal with the biggest fear that most employees experience in their work today – speaking in public.  The course understands their concerns and anxiety, and aims to give them the tools and techniques to help them develop public speaking

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