Public Sector

One-way Recorded Video Interviews

One-way Recorded Video Interviews is where the organisation’s Recruitment & Selection Department use technology to ask you 3-5 pre-selected questions that you can prepare answers to before the One-way Recorded Video Interview and then answer them on video, into a screen, over a set duration of time. The organisation uses the One-way Recorded Video Interview …

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Interview Presentation

More and more organisations are introducing a Presentation into their selection and recruitment processes, for a number of reasons; the role involves leading people, managing people, selling to people, significant presenting skills and / or significant communication skills. It also can let them see and hear the real you, how much you want the role …

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Psychometric Assessment

What is Psychometric Assessment Psychometric assessment supports organisations in the recruitment and selection process, and indeed promotion decisions of new and existing key employees respectively. Reading CV’s and Application Forms, and carrying out Interviews, is sometimes not enough and may not tell them if the candidate will ‘fit’ into the organisation’s culture, will they get …

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Competency-based Interviews

Public Sector / Government job opportunities are selecting, recruiting and promoting candidates at interview primarily based on the key skills i.e., competencies identified to be critical to carry out the job / role successfully. Selection for Interview is based you meeting the essential requirements of the role with respect to your education, qualifications and work …

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competency application form

Competency-based Application Forms

Public sector/government job opportunities have thrown out the old-fashioned CV and are now only accepting job applications through their tailored, carefully designed online competency-based application forms for their live, open job advertisements; all for the purposes of consistency. Most of these competency-based application Forms can contain up to 10 competencies (normal is 4-6) that have …

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